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By Katherine Stapp

Clusters of Death
A global campaign is aimed at halting the use of cluster bombs, which scatter hundreds of ''bomblets'' and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians worldwide, most recently in Iraq. The 57 nations that stockpile these munitions reject a moratorium.

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The development of ''clean'' fuel for cars is crucial for Latin America. / Photo credit: Mauricio Ramos
By Gustavo González

Renewable Energy Not Always Sustainable

Latin America obtains more than 20 percent of its energy from ostensibly renewable sources. But much of it comes from hydroelectric dams, which can harm ecosystems.

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By Francesca Colombo

Mistreated for the Three-Ring Show

Circus animals suffer mistreatment in Italy. Activists are demanding a ban, but the circus owners refuse.

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Turtle farms in Brazil... Chile sets up forest monitoring network... Drought puts Cuba on survival footing... Caracas threatened by its own river... Honduran micro-businesses recycle waste... Guatemala reduces forest fires...

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