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Tierramérica receives e-mail messages from its readers on a daily basis at Here is a selection of what the People of Tierramérica have to say:


Monsanto Rectifies from one of his Functionaries

Monsanto Company recently learned that the Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS) and Tierramérica issued a story captioned “Monsanto Stands Firm on GM Maize in Mexico,” written by Diego Cevallos. The article consists of an interview with Eduardo Perez, Monsanto’s Technology Development Lead for Latin America North.

Near the end of the interview, Mr. Perez was asked a question about the fine paid by Monsanto for making payments to officials in Indonesia. According to the article, Mr. Perez responded to the question as follows: “It wasn't Monsanto that did it, it was an intermediary. But the law is clear: although they acted without our consent, the company is the one sanctioned, and that is why we paid the fine. Now the company has a very strict policy so it won't happen again.”

Mr. Perez, who was not personally familiar with the facts and resolution of the Indonesian matter, inadvertently provided incorrect information in responding to this question. Monsanto Company requests that IPS, Tierramérica, and other newspapers that are members of the Tierramérica network that published this article issue a correction. Monsanto directs your attention to the press release it issued in connection with the Indonesian matter on January 6, 2005. The press release is available on the Monsanto website at under the news and media section.

Monsanto accepted responsibility for the actions of its employees involved in authorizing or making payments to Indonesian officials. Monsanto has terminated the employees involved with the improper activities, taken other corrective actions, and entered into settlements with the U.S. government which required Monsanto to pay fines, implement compliance enhancements, retain an independent compliance consultant, and accept other obligations.

Lori Fisher, Director of Public Affairs (314-694-8535) and Robert Echols, Director of Business Conduct (3414-694-6599), Monsanto Company, US.

From the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

We are an institution with an ecological emphasis that provides services along the Caribbean Trunk highway to Tinajas, Cacahualito, México, Colinas, Calabazo, La Estrella, La Revuelta, José María Córdova, and La Danta Alta Tompito, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Tayrona Park, Santa Marta, Colombia). We attend to a population of 1,257 students.

We would like to thank you for all the information you send us (through the weekly Tierramérica newsletter), which helps us improve the education of the students. We look forward to your valuable and opportune reports.

Institución Educativa Distrital Técnica Ecológica,
Vereda La Revuelta
Santa Marta, Colombia


Radio bulletins in Argentina

With great pleasure I write to you from Argentina to tell you that I am broadcasting your ecological bulletins on the radio program ''Civic Awareness'', on Saturdays from 10 to 12 o'clock on radio frequency 1470 AM.

The Internet site for our radio station is
I am at your disposal to exchange news from other ecological sources. Thank you for your great variety of news. Warm greetings to my fellow journalists in Venezuela (where the bulletin is produced).

Gerardo D'Andres


From a colleague

I am very pleased to see that Tierramérica is connected to readers in other countries who are excited about important issues (as I am) through the Internet. My sincere congratulations. Best of luck with this ''macro'' effort, because it is an intelligent means for truly educating and informing about the environmental reality of our planet. Warm greetings for everyone on the team from a fellow journalist.

Luz Consuelo Rodríguez
Bogotá, Colombia

From Huancavelica

I am pleased to have contacted you and to send our congratulations for your effort to keep all your readers informed about the environment -- a crucial issue.
Here in Huancavelica we are an institution working on environmental matters, for which your publications have been very useful, and we hope to work even more and to share some of our experiences.

Instituto Regional de Ecología Andina,
Huancavelica, Central Zone of Peru.

Greetings from Local Authorities

Many thanks for sending me your informational newsletters. I congratulate you for the great service you are providing.

Magdalena Miranda,
Secretariat of Environment
Municipality of Juan José Castelli,
Chaco Province, Argentina


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